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Zero Sugar, Zero Calories — Full of bold, natural taste

Zero Sugar is here!  Zero Sugar has four fresh true to fruit flavours — Forest Blackberry, Fresh Cherry, Citrus Medley, and Tropical Splash. Clearly Canadian Zero Sugar is crafted with sparkling Canadian spring water from source, natural flavours, and naturally sweetened to enhance the bold taste for which Clearly Canadian is known and loved.

Our fans demanded a delicious Clearly Canadian option without the Sugar, and we heard you!

In addition to our Originals, that you know and love, our Zero Sugar is crafted with our award-winning sparkling spring water from source and the bold natural fruit flavour you’d expect from Clearly Canadian.

We scoured the world for the best natural sugar substitute. After much research and hundreds of test batches, we found a premium, proprietary blend of Stevia that gives the best bold fruit flavour with zero sugar or calories.

It's plant based and we found Stevia accentuates the bold flavour that’s in our nature. After all, keeping it simple and real is Clearly Canadian!