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Clearly Canadian

About our Products

What is Clearly Canadian Zero Sugar sweetened with?

We never use artificial ingredients in our premium sparkling water. We scoured the world for the best natural sugar substitute. After much research and hundreds of test batches, we found a premium proprietary blend of Stevia that gives the best bold fruit flavour with zero sugar or calories. It’s plant based and we found Stevia accentuates the bold flavour that’s in our nature. After all, keeping it simple and real is Clearly Canadian!

Which flavours are available?
Clearly Canadian Originals

Wild Cherry  Mountain Blackberry  Summer Strawberry  Orchard Peach  Country Raspberry

Clearly Canadian Zero Sugar

Forest Blackberry  Tropical Splash  Fresh Cherry  Citrus Medley

Clearly Canadian Sparkling & Essence

Clearly Sparkling  Limon Essence  Grapefruit Essence


There’s only four (4) simple, non-GMO ingredients in your favourite Clearly Canadian Original.

Carbonated Spring Water  1 - Carbonated Spring Water
From Canada's finest natural water sources
 Pure Cane Sugar  2 - Pure Cane Sugar
Sweetened with non-GMO cane sugar 
(25 grams / 325ml bottle)
 All Natural Flavour  3 - All Natural Flavour
The natural essences of your favourite fruit flavours
 Citric Acid  4 - Citric Acid
For shelf life and a little extra zing
Where do you source your spring water from?

Clearly Canadian PinFrom natural springs all over Canada.

How much cane sugar?

Cane SugarA (325ml/11fl.oz.) bottle of Clearly Canadian Originals contains 24 grams of cane sugar. Clearly Canadian Zero Sugar, Clearly Sparkling or Clearly Sparkling Essence contains no sugar at all!


About us

Who is Clearly Canadian?

Fan with Row of Clearly CanadianThe team at Clearly Canadian are a loopy bunch of geneXers who took on the opportunity to breathe new life into a beloved sparkling water.

We’ve brought your favourite Canadian sparkling water back to more than 11,500 locations across North America and we’re still growing. Please ask for us at your favourite store and ask the manager to list us - your support means the world to us!

Clearly Canadian Flag with Lake and MountainsWe have done all of this with a tight budget, a dedicated team and a large and growing bunch of patient, understanding, inspired, AWESOME fans from around the world. You supported us, cheered us on, and are as much a part of our success as anything.

Do you have a customer service number or email?

Please email us at or you can leave a message at 1-844-642-2623. Be sure to include a detailed message and if calling about a product, please include the black ink code on the neck of each bottle that starts with “VAN BE GOOD” or “MAN BE GOOD”. We aim to reply within 24 hours, but we are a small team, so please be patient as we promise to reply to all enquiries.

Upon ordering a wholesale pallet order you will been contacted by our commercial back-office to confirm logistics.

What is the Clearly Pre-Order Campaign

In 2014 Clearly Canadian discovered a wonderful thing; times were tight and we needed to finance new bottling, production,  sales and distribution. To our surprise and amazement, as soon as word of our efforts SPREAD, thousands of people started joining our Facebook page and demanding their favourite beverage – Clearly Canadian.

With limited production runs from time to time, cases of Clearly would sell for outrageous sums on online retail websites.  Kind of like a fine scotch club for sparkling waters. We thought, “Why don’t we put together a production run and sell it directly to our fans?” In February 2014 we launched the Clearly Canadian Pre-order Campaign.

In a matter of weeks, our fans and supporters in Canada, the US, and around the world preordered 40,000 cases of Clearly Canadian.

- A supporter in Sweden ordered 40 cases
- A super fan in Tokyo, Japan ordered 400 cases
- The most popular flavour was Mountain Blackberry

We were amazed by the willingness, dedication, and tremendous patience of our team of loyal fans and supporters. That critical infusion of cash and support allowed Clearly to restart large-scale commercial production. We are growing distribution everywhere and could not have done this without you.

Anyone who’s ever participated in crowdfunding knows that it’s not all sunshine and roses. The costs and complexities of sourcing bottle manufacturing, ingredients, flavours, package design, trays, wraps, shipping, etc. all took longer than we’d hoped. Nevertheless, our pre-order fans stuck with us, and, after a small run of Country Raspberry in early 2016, our fans were able to enjoy your first Clearly Canadian in years.

Even though it’s been a bumpy road, we’ve been humbled by your messages of encouragement and patience. Many of you have reached out and we’ve been inspired by the friendships we’ve made. 

If you participated in the preorder campaign and didn't receive your product as expected, please email us.

Where's the Clearly SWAG?

We're working on it. In fact, we are currently looking for the most Clearly Canadian thing possible. Any suggestions? Email us.

Does Clearly Canadian have a car-wrap promotion?

From time-to-time car-wrap promotion scammers spring up, offering various incentives to wrap your vehicle in a company's artwork & branding.



Clearly Canadian Country Raspberry
Mountain Blackberry Pallet

About ordering Pallets

Pricing, Volume, Special Events, Charities?

We'd LOVE to be at your next gathering: special events, non-profits, church groups, galas, bar mitzvahs, desert art festivals, hockey tournaments, pilgrimages, flash mobs, field parties, LARPs, fashion shows, revolution....

If you’re a registered non-profit or ordering 4 or more pallets for information on volume discounts.


Delivery IncludedYes, all our online pricing is delivered within Canada and the United States.

Shipping timing?

Pallet orders typically ship within 5-7 business days of ordering.Calendar

Liftgates, loading bays?

If you’re ordering a pallet and you don’t know what a loading bay is, chances are you don’t have one. In that case, we'll need a liftgate equipped delivery truck for your order. The liftgate will ensure that your pallet makes it from the truck to the ground level safely. (Extra charges may apply.)

Clearly Simple Ingredients

All Natural Ingredients - Leaf in a Circle

Four Simple Ingredients

Made with four simple, ingredients. Easy to understand, easy to enjoy.

Non GMO - Circle With Line Through Plant Growing Out of Flask


Nothing in Clearly Canadian is derived from genetically modified organisms, because this isn’t Gattaca.

Gluten Free - Circle With Line Through Wheat Stalk Head

Gluten Free

Have you and gluten consciously uncoupled? We’ve got you covered! Clearly Canadian contains no gluten.

Vegetarian - Circle With Line Through Beehive


Nothing in Clearly Canadian is derived from animal products. Clearly is welcome at any dinner party.