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Making the right choices

Corporate & social responsibility to us is about “Good Thoughts – Good Words – Good Deeds”

Through the sum total of our business, brand, and even personal decisions, we at Clearly Canadian are endeavoring to push environmental standards, create and support inclusion and manifest a harmonious environment for our team to work and a world of “good thoughts – good words – good deeds”, which we believe in and is printed on the bottom of every bottle as our mantra.

Clearly ECO by DESIGN

Always eco-friendly formats

  • We use glass and aluminum for our bottles and cans. 100% recycled materials, never in plastic!
  • Canadian Spring Water Sources only - never municipal water
  • We strive to minimize the environmental footprint of our facilities and adhere to standards that surpass all governing bodies.


Investing in and supporting Reduce - Reuse - Recycle Inititatives

  • Recyclable/Return for Refund consumption Units & Cases
  • Explore eco-friendly emerging packaging technologies.
  • Partnerships to off-set our carbon footprint

Paying it forward

Nurturing the next generation

Clearly Canadian's reemergence as a premium Canadian source of refreshment and enjoyment, was brought about the commitment, generosity, and patience of tens of thousands of thirsty fans who crowdsourced the return of Clearly Canadian to the world in 2017. We do the same and lead others by:

  • Finding worthwhile causes, projects, and individuals on crowdsourcing platforms
  • Investing in them, promoting them, and getting our community to follow our lead.
  • Supporting charities and community causes through the donation of our sparkling waters, and financial aid.

Water Initiatives

The fundamentals of our business

As a group who is building the eponymous Canadian water brand, the choices of where we invest our resources and time to make a difference in the communities, we are in is clear and obvious.

  • Community environmental projects
  • Environmental cleanups, community rehabilitation projects

Canada's global reputation as a pristine environment full of polar bears, white snow, glaciers, and endless wilderness is undermined by the sad reality that there are indigenous communities that have chronic water problems.

In a method that is collaborative, inclusive, and respectful, Clearly Canadian is endeavoring to work with local groups to educate and empower the next generation of indigenous leaders and communities with the skills and resources necessary to have clean water available to everyone.

If you would like to communicate, share, or recommend ways for Clearly Canadian to use our resources, community and reach to help your environmental, social or water-based initiatives, we would love to hear from you. Please email us at