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Clearly Canadian - Five 325ml Bottles - Sparkling Mineral Water and All Four Flavours

Clearly Simple

There’s only four (4) simple, non-GMO ingredients in your favourite Clearly Canadian Original.

Clearly Canadian - Four 325ml Bottles of All Four Flavours In the Forest
Sparkling Spring Water

Sparkling Spring Water

From Canada's finest natural water springs.

All Natural Flavour

All Natural Flavour

Delicious real fruit flavour with nothing artificial… ever!

Pure Cane Sugar

Pure Cane Sugar

Sweetened with non-GMO cane sugar

Citric Acid

Citric Acid

For freshness and that little extra zing.

All Natural - Leaf in a Circle

All Natural Ingredients

Made with four simple, all-natural ingredients. Good things come in fours.

Non GMO - Circle With Line Through Plant Growing Out of Flask


Nothing in Clearly Canadian is derived from genetically modified organisms, because this isn’t Gattaca.

Gluten Free - Circle With Line Through Wheat Stalk Head

Gluten Free

Have you and gluten consciously uncoupled? We’ve got you covered! Clearly Canadian contains no gluten.

Vegetarian - Circle With Line Through Beehive


Nothing in Clearly Canadian is derived from animal products. Clearly is welcome at any dInner party.

Our Teardrop Glass Bottle

Clearly Canadian is and always has been a product made in glass bottles. For pure flavour, environmental concerns and the enjoyment of drinking from a glass container we'll never change.

Did you know iconic shape of Clearly's bottle was because the founder was a baseball fan and he wanted something that felt like a baseball in his hand. Who knew?

Clearly Canadian Sparkling Mineral Water Bottle 325ml Turned Sideways

Glass bottles mean 100% pure flavour

The best way to enjoy Clearly is straight from our glass bottle.

Glass can be recycled endlessly

With no loss in quality or purity

An estimated 80% of recovered glass

containers are made into new glass bottles.

Energy costs drop about 2-3%

for every 10% of glass used in the manufacturing process

Glass recycling is a closed-loop system

Creating no additional waste or byproducts

Return for refund where applicable

so your Clearly bottle can go on to its next life

The Peachy Southern Canadian

A taste of summer in the American South, courtesy of your neighbours to the North!
Clearly Vodkanadian
Keep it simple

Clearly Vodkanadian

Ingredients: 2 oz vodka 1 bottle Clearly Canadian - Clearly Sparkling Mineral Water. Directions: Mix one bottle Clearly Canadian flavored sparkling water with vodka in a 16 oz. collins glass.

Clearly Canadian Blackberry Buzz
Warning! Addictive!

Clearly Canadian Blackberry Buzz

Clearly Canadian plus premium gin. What could go wrong?
The Cherried Canadian
Could it BE any more Canadian?

The Cherried Canadian

Sweet and succulent, this gastronomic cocktail treat is a favourite for everyone. Featuring Clearly, Canadian Whiskey and maple syrup, its a cliché on ice.
The 6ix
A Clearly Toronto Drink

The 6ix

Drake’s references to his hometown, Toronto, as “The 6ix” make us all feel a little cooler. Use it in a sentence. “Hey, I’m from the 6ix.” See?
Clearly Ranch Water
Texas meets Canada... on ice with a twist!

Clearly Ranch Water

Canada's best sparkling water makes a magical combination with southern spirits. A recipe from a place where they take refreshment seriously.
Clearly What?
Get creative darlings

Clearly What?

What is the most Clearly Canadian thing YOU can think of. Send us your idea and if we use it we’ll send you a free case.

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