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"You did it for us, so we are doing it for you"

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The beginning...

A few short years ago, Clearly Canadian almost disappeared from earth - a truly unfathomable thought for millions. Through the time, effort and passion of Clearly Canadian fans and supporters (The Clearly Summit Club), we were able to save Clearly for future generations. 

Given this life changing crowdsourcing experience - it occurred to us why not simply start backing others ...  just as others have done for us. 

What is the Clearly Community Challenge?

Our commitment and challenge to our fans and supporters - that as we grow, so shall our direct giving. Our goal is to eventually give up to 5.00% of our annual revenues (not profits) to projects, causes and campaigns we believe in - including those led by you.

Our long-term public commitment

To our community, consumers and the public at large

Giving Criteria

Projects selected from KickStarter, IndieGoGo, DonorChoose and GoFundMe


Community-driven social causes and groups that we feel better humanity who need our help and awareness.

Things that NEED TO EXIST

There is so much innovation and leadership in Canada and abroad by everyday people that help to make the world a better place for us all.

Things we (just) love

Sometimes you just give into your passions and guilty pleasures. There are many wonderful initiatives that we just simply “love”.

Stories worth sharing

We support products and people who share our core beliefs and values, and exemplify “Good Thoughts, Good Words, and Good Deeds”.

The Clearly COMMUNITY Challenge is designed to provide an ever increasing percentage of our gross revenues to non-profit efforts and causes as our business grows 

Suggest a project or cause here

Tell us about the group, organization, cause, person, product or service that will contribute to a better way of doing things and we'll check them out.

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