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Clearly Sparkling
Grapefruit Essence

Pink grapefruit is the perfect natural combination of tart and sweet. It's best consumed on a hot day in the bright sunshine. 

Clearly Canadian Country Raspberry - Three 325ml Bottles

Infused with the essence of grapefruit, Clearly Canadian Grapefruit Essence offers a refreshing and revitalizing twist to your hydration routine. The subtle yet invigorating grapefruit flavor adds a burst of citrusy goodness to each sip, awakening your senses and leaving you feeling refreshed.

Clearly Simple Ingredients

There are only two simple ingredients in Clearly Canadian Clearly Sparkling Grapefruit Essence.

Sparkling Spring Water

From our award-winning natural source in Canada.

All Natural Flavour

Delicious real fruit flavour with nothing artificial… ever!

The best sparkling water to be found in North America... Clearly!

Clearly Canadian Sparkling Mineral Water - 325ml Bottle in Front of 750ml Bottle
Bottled at Source

Clearly Canadian Clearly Sparkling Grapefruit Essence is bottled at source from an aquifer deep within the pristine and protected Canadian wilderness. Geology from the last ice age provides filtration and minerals that offer an incredibly fresh, pure and classic taste.  Our mineral water has absolutely no nitrates, is naturally enriched with calcium and magnesium, and has a zero-sodium rating. This makes Clearly Sparkling Grapefruit Essence unparalleled in purity, healthfulness, and quality.

“The Best Tasting Water in The World!”

Voted “The Best Tasting Water in The World!”, Clearly Sparkling's source has been honoured numerous times with one of the water industry’s most prestigious acclaims.

berkeley springs gold  
Gold Medal
 berkeley springs gold 
Silver Medal
  berkeley springs gold
Gold Medal
  berkeley springs gold
Gold Medal
Distinct Pure Taste

With a light mineral composition and a soft sparkle, Clearly Sparkling has an exceptionally pure and crisp taste, rivaling and exceeding the finest international sparkling waters.

Clearly Sparkling is produced for the North American market only and our carbon footprint is significantly less than that of imported competitors from overseas.

Near Zero Nitrates and Low Sodium Rating

Nitrate levels in Clearly Sparkling are not detectable and our sodium rating is among the lowest within sparkling mineral waters worldwide.

Bicarbonate: 190
Calcium: 39
Flouride: .43
Magnesium: 14
Nitrate: ND
Potassium: 4.4
Sodium: 24
Sulfates: 18
TDS: 250+ 

Mineral content shown in parts per million (ppm)

Clearly Canadian Sparkling Mineral Water Bottle 325ml on Flat Surface
Clearly Canadian Sparkling Mineral Water Bottle 325ml in Front of Rocks
Clearly Canadian Sparkling Mineral Water Bottle 325ml Held in Hand in Front of Food & Drink