Indeed they do! Clearly Canadian’s all natural ingredients will sometimes separate under cold temperatures or when sitting for long periods of time. Simply give the bottles a gentle twist/shake and any spring water minerals and cane sugar will dissolve right back in. Remember to open with care after shaking!
A (325ml/11fl.oz.) bottle of Clearly Canadian Originals contains 25 grams of cane sugar.  
There’s only four (4) simple, non-GMO ingredients in your favorite Clearly Canadian Original.  1 - Carbonated Spring WaterFrom Canada's finest natural water sources    2 - Pure Cane SugarSweetened with non-GMO cane sugar (25 grams / 325ml bottle)    3 - All Natural FlavorThe natural essences of your favorite fruit flavors    4 - Citric AcidFor shelf life and a little extra zing
  Yes, Yes, Yes & Yes
From the finest award-winning natural springs across Canada.
Clearly Canadian

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