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Clearly Canadian

How it’s made

Signature glass bottles being born.

Insagrammable joy!

#nofilter (yeah, right.)


Clearly was hanging out with Jerry and Elaine back in the 90’s.

Clearly Nippon

Clearly’s take on the iconic Hokusai wave woodblock print.

Clearly Canadian has been a part of our lives for a very long time

Feel the fizz

Canadian bubbles are more refreshing.

Beer cap style

Canada... beer caps… “Fer sure!”

Up here!

Forever and always Clearly Canadian!

Love story

The one that got away just came back.

Sex and the city

We couldn’t help but wonder… was Wild Cherry Carrie’s favorite flavor, or was she just taking it for a spin?

From glacier to bottle

Velvety smooth art from one of our colourful 1980’s advertisements

80’s girl Rhonda

Mousse, mullets, regrettable pants… We were all Rhonda

Clearly Simple

There’s only four (4) simple, non-GMO ingredients in your favourite Clearly Canadian Original.

1 - Carbonated Spring Water
From Canada's finest natural water sources

2 - Pure Cane Sugar
Sweetened with non-GMO cane sugar
(25 grams / 325ml bottle)

3 - All Natural Flavoring
The natural essences of your favorite fruit flavors

4 - Citric Acid
For shelf life and a little extra zing

Clearly Canadian

Clearly Canadian

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Clearly Canadian

Clearly Canadian

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Clearly Canadian

Clearly Canadian

Clearly Canadian

Clearly Canadian

We were thrilled yesterday to learn that The Brink independently produced what is clearly the best historical overview of Clearly Canadian we’ve ever heard 😊 Link in bio! Thank you @thebrinkpodcast @iheartmediaofficial
Clearly Canadian

Clearly Canadian

🍑feeling peachy #forevermood
Clearly Canadian

Clearly Canadian

We’ve been spotted! (By @wrensullivan at World Market) 🍒🍒🍒
Clearly Canadian

Clearly Canadian

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Clearly Canadian

Clearly Canadian

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