What Living Clearly Means

At Clearly Canadian, being Canadian means many things. To us its all about keeping it simple & natural. Living a life of clarity in "Good Thoughts, Goods Words & Good Deeds” is our motto.

We want to help showcase Canada on the world stage - we love Canada and all it represents! We hope to bring you stories from Canada that celebrate our natural beauty, diversity, inclusion, talent of our artists and performers, entrepreneurship, and of course the quality of our greatest natural resource - our water!

As a brand and company, we care about all things Canadian, including outdoor living and nature, Canadian culture and events, community and activism, and sharing the “good thoughts, good words, good deeds” that our fans exemplify each and every day.

The Story of Clearly Canadian

In the Mountains of British Columbia, Canada

Back in 1987, more than 30 years ago at the Tillicum reservoir on Silver Star Road in the Monashee mountains overlooking Vernon, BC, a Canadian phenomenon was born. 

A local entrepreneur had the idea of mixing a little flavour to his crisp, cold mountain water, putting it into glass bottles and called it “Clearly Canadian”. With a little help from the local bottling plant, he grew this little premium sparkling water brand into a sought-after favourite all around the world.

Going global in the 90's

Since the beginning, even as Clearly went from a local British Columbia favourite to a brand available around the world, and shown on a multitutude of TV shows including Seinfeld, Friends, Sex and the City, with international sports personalities including the NBA’s Steve Nash and American League’s Justin Morneau, they never lost their connection to their fans.

Crowdsource comeback

As the 2000’s passed, Clearly lost its mass distribution and in 2012 was bought by another sharp entrepreneur who restarted the brand with the same community vision. A self created crowdfunding campaign managed to convince 14,000+ fans from 26 countries including every state in the US and every province in Canada pre-bought 40,000+ cases of Clearly. They then patiently waited as that cash infusion bought new bottling tools, ingredients, distribution, management and 6 years later Clearly Canadian is back. And here to stay.

A growing Clearly Community

Made with awarded Canadian spring water and only four (4) simple all-natural ingredients and a whole lot of love Clearly’s commitment is to give back. With the mantra of “Good thoughts, good words, good deeds”, the company works to nurture other crowdfunded startups to life. With growing legions of thirsty fans hoarding Clearly wherever they find it, their sales team is working hard to bring it to a convenience and grocery store near you.

Clearly Canadian is available in Canada at Sobeys, Safeway, Thrifty Foods, 7-eleven, and CircleK West, along with the new listing in Shoppers Drug Mart locations across Canada as of May 17.  Clearly Canadian is available in the USA at Kroger, WinnDixie, Meijer, Cost Plus World Market, Hyvee, and many other major Grocery & Convenience store locations. Clearly Canadian is also available to order on Amazon coast to coast and at ClearlyCanadian.com.

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